Monday, April 26, 2010

Poulsbo, WA

We left Forks, WA for Poulsbo WA on Saturday morning in the rain, but the drive was beautiful and there were spurts of sun (or at least no rain) from time to time. Poulsbo was 140 miles from Forks and this drive would finish our trek around the Olympic Peninsula. We drove several miles through the Hoh Rainforest and saw more logging areas and trees, trees, trees. Then as we headed towards Port Angeles, the road wound around Lake Crescent...and we knew why everyone told us we had to drive the OP. The lake is huge and gorgeous...with the mountains in the background and crystal clear was truly God's country. As hard as I try to take pictures while we drive, we had to stop and Ed, the photographer, took some beautiful pics of the lake. The road around the lake compared to some of the curviest stretches we'd been on up the coast!

Driving through Port Angeles, we could look across the bay to British Columbia, Canada and the San Juan Islands. My friend Kathryn and her husband live on Orcas Island for at least 6 months of the year. I'm hoping I can get together with her while we're here...but looking at the route to get to Orcas Island from Poulsbo, it's a good 4 hour drive, including 2 ferry rides. Maybe she can meet me 1/2 way for lunch...we'll see!

From Port Angeles, it was probably another 1 1/2 hours to Poulsbo and the distance between the two was much more populated than the previous stretch of US-101.

On the way, we drove over the Hood Canal Floating Bridge...the longest floating bridge in the world! Poulsbo is a beautiful area, and the Eagle Tree RV Park is located right past the main town on Rte 305. Rte 305 ends about 8 miles further at the ferry to Seattle, which we plan on taking today (Monday) by foot and then on Friday with the RV. It's either the ferry or drive 65 miles around the bay through Tacoma...we choose the ferry!

When we settled into the RV park, which by the way, is very nice, it was time to clean (after 2 days of rain and mud!) and do 4 loads of laundry..ughh! But there's nothing like a clean, fresh RV! Ed's son and his friend Patrick joined us for dinner after they got off work. They both work for Electric Boat in Groton, CT (which is where Ed and I both worked) and they are in Bremerton for 5 months on a job. They're staying about 15 miles south of Poulsbo in Silverdale, so it's a short distance for a visit. We had steaks on the grill, with baked sweet potatos and grilled peppers and onion...mmmmm!!! It was so great seeing Eddie...most of this stay will be spent with him...I think he misses his dad!

Yesterday's adventures will be in the next blog....I bet you just can't wait!!

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