Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flying Js are our best friend!

Drove 340 miles today and we're settling in for the night at the Flying J in Kirkersville OH. Not many RVs have stopped for the night yet, which is surprising...usually it's packed wherever we stop! Maybe Kirkersville OH isn't on anyone's route down south! Well, we'll be heading that way in about a week...after our stop in Topeka KS to visit with the grandkiddies. We saw a really cool OLD RV where we're staying tonight. I think it's called a Travelco and it was built in 1974.

How cool is that??
Gotta go...we're getting hungry and I think I hear chicken soup calling us! Yumm!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

Well, after a very busy week of saying our goodbyes and finishing up last minute chores, we're finally on the road! I have to say that traveling through Connecticut and New York are the worst part of any journey. No offense to CT/NY residents..I live in CT...but I 95 is the pits!

Took the Tappenzee Bridge, then down I 287S, then picked up I 78W. Stopped on I 81W overnite at a Flying J at about 4:00pm. Good thing we stopped when we did, because the overnite RV spots were almost completely full. We traveled a comfortable 320 miles today and are now relaxing...getting ready to watch the Yankees on DirectTV...GO Yankees!!

For dinner we heated up a couple of EXCELLENT stuffed peppers that Ed's sister Marilyn made for us...the peppers were from Ed's garden! They really hit the spot! For lunch we had some home-made soupie and provolone cheese....the soupie came from Pat at L&M Hospital...I miss my co-workers already! Tomorrow's lunch will be some delicious chicken soup that my friend Helen made for mouth is watering already!

Here's to good friends, incredible family, and travels to come!

Hugs and kisses to AJ, KB and LG!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RV Rally was a success!

Relaxing now after a very busy RV rally in Mystic. I think it was a big success, though...everyone seemed to have a great time! And the weather was gorgeous! We're relaxing now, was an exhausting 3 days.

Now I'm going to try and post a picture, so when we begin our westcoast trip, I'll be all set!

This is Ed playing with Emma at the dog beach in Estero Beach. Emma adores her 'grandpa' and loves the beach.
13 days and counting...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mystic RV Rally

Our rally starts today...and it's beautiful weather! Mystic is a great place to visit and I think our RV'ers will really enjoy the week. 4 RVs arrived yesterday so we kicked off the rally with a pre-rally happy hour...a little wine, a little food, good friends...doesn't get better than that!

16 days and counting....

(although, we might just head out a few days early...nothing stopping us!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Very busy planning an RV rally in Mystic. So far we have 10 RVs signed up. We belong to a SCONE club, which is the Safari Club of New England. Great people and fun times every summer. There's a rally every month for 5 summer months and we're hosting the September rally. After the rally, we'll start full force packing and planning for the west coast trip.

25 days and counting...