Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flying Js are our best friend!

Drove 340 miles today and we're settling in for the night at the Flying J in Kirkersville OH. Not many RVs have stopped for the night yet, which is surprising...usually it's packed wherever we stop! Maybe Kirkersville OH isn't on anyone's route down south! Well, we'll be heading that way in about a week...after our stop in Topeka KS to visit with the grandkiddies. We saw a really cool OLD RV where we're staying tonight. I think it's called a Travelco and it was built in 1974.

How cool is that??
Gotta go...we're getting hungry and I think I hear chicken soup calling us! Yumm!!

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Migillicutty said...

My brothers have this joke about Flying J's.

One says "Hey, look, a Flying J!
The other says "Oh, no, this is no conversation"

Then they both crack up.

I don't get it.