Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

Well, after a very busy week of saying our goodbyes and finishing up last minute chores, we're finally on the road! I have to say that traveling through Connecticut and New York are the worst part of any journey. No offense to CT/NY residents..I live in CT...but I 95 is the pits!

Took the Tappenzee Bridge, then down I 287S, then picked up I 78W. Stopped on I 81W overnite at a Flying J at about 4:00pm. Good thing we stopped when we did, because the overnite RV spots were almost completely full. We traveled a comfortable 320 miles today and are now relaxing...getting ready to watch the Yankees on DirectTV...GO Yankees!!

For dinner we heated up a couple of EXCELLENT stuffed peppers that Ed's sister Marilyn made for us...the peppers were from Ed's garden! They really hit the spot! For lunch we had some home-made soupie and provolone cheese....the soupie came from Pat at L&M Hospital...I miss my co-workers already! Tomorrow's lunch will be some delicious chicken soup that my friend Helen made for us...my mouth is watering already!

Here's to good friends, incredible family, and travels to come!

Hugs and kisses to AJ, KB and LG!

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