Monday, December 13, 2010

Hangin' in Harlingen...

Well, we've been in Harlingen for almost 5 weeks now and we're lovin' it! The weather stays between the mid-60s and the mid-80s and is usually in the 70s range. The winds can be pretty brutal...sometimes as much as 40 mph, but we were forewarned about that! As I speak, there's not even a slight you never can tell!

Since our last blog, we haven't done a whole lot of sight seeing...this trip is definitely a laid-back, relaxing trip. We did head down to Brownsville for an afternoon to see an indoor fleamarket that's advertised on billboards all over the town...not worth it! Most of the booths were shut down and the ones that were open consisted of yardsale-type junk. It took us about 30 minutes to walk the entire flea market! Brownsville is right on the Mexican border so we did see the the crossing into Mexico. This crossing leads into the Mexican city of Matamoros, which is one of the high-crime cities that is constantly in the we're not planning on visiting there!

I flew to Greensboro, NC three weeks ago to visit my sister and her family for 5 days...and had a great time! While mom and dad spent two nights in Myrtle Beach, Annabelle, Katiebug and Wawa were very busy! We went to the movies and saw 'Tangled' (I love these movies so it's a great excuse to go with the kiddies!); we went to an indoor gym filled with jumping rooms and slides...and of course I had to join in the fun! And we went to a place similar to Chuck E Cheese...lots of arcade games, etc. I'll tell ya, Wawa was exhausted when she got back to TX! It took a week for me to catch up on my sleep! I think I wore out the kiddies too!

Let's see...what else have we done in and around Harlingen, TX? Oh, yeah! We went to McAllen (about 40 miles west of Harlingen) for a holiday crafts show and had a great time! Of course we had to buy a few things...locally made jellies, jewelry cleaner, and the McAllen Junior League cookbook (the Junior League sponsored the crafts show). I love cookbooks!

After the holidays, we're going to head over to South Padre Island...supposedly a 'must-see'! I imagine it's alot like Marco Island in Southwest Florida...very touristy and ritzy. And we'll probably head back to McAllen...there's an outdoor fleamarket there that everyone loves...we'll see!

Other than what I've already mentioned, we've pretty much stayed around Harlingen and relaxed...which is what we planned on doing this trip...ahhh! We've found all the local necessary stores...Target, Walmart, H-E-B (the local grocery store), and the mall. Every time we venture out, I take different roads so that we now have a good feel for the town...I love getting lost...Ed not so much!

We've decorated the RV...a wreath on the front grill and candles and garland in the front window. Many of the RVs and park models in the park really go all out with decorations! One night soon (before Christmas), we'll take a night drive around the neighborhoods to see the lights.

Well, everyone, we hope y'all have a very merry Christmas! And let's remember what Christmas is really all about....sharing, worshipping, and reaching out to those less fortunate. God bless everyone!