Sunday, April 25, 2010

Forks, WA

We made it to Forks, WA on Friday and stayed at a small RV park called the Hoh River RV Park, right off of US-101 in the heart of the Olympic National Park. We had been told by someone awhile back that since we were going up the western coastline, we had to take US-101 around the Olympic Pennisula in WA…so that’s what we’re doing!

Most of what we’ve seen since entering WA has been forests…it seems that the main inustry here is logging. We drove for miles without seeing anyone but loggers with their double truckloads of logs. All through the forests we saw huge areas where the loggers had been…some areas completely devoid of life with just dead stumps and branches, while other areas had new trees growing among the stumps. There were signs along the way that would tell the year that the logging was completed, the year that the new growth was planted, as well as the year that that particular area could be logged again. It was nice to see the care that was taken to protect and replace the trees that were being cut.

Before we arrived at the RV park, it started to rain and did not stop until today shortly before we arrived in needless to say, we holed up in the RV while in Forks and didn't peek out except to walk the dog! The park is in an area between a river and the Hoh Rain Forest, with no wireless internet, no Directtv satellite signal, and no cell phone service! I don't think we've been in a situation like this before...between the rain and the total removal of communication with the outside world, we spent the time playing Wii bowling and watching a movie...a little bit of together time with no distractions...kinda nice!

More from Poulsbo later…

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