Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mills Casino RV Park in North Bend, OR

We're staying at the Mills Casino RV Park near Coos Bay, OR. We arrived Monday afternoon and were supposed to head out today, but yesterday rained all day into today and the wind is very strong, so we decided to stay an extra day. Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy but less windy, so we'll head on up to Cannon Beach OR for a night or two. That's the great thing about this RV way of life...we're in no hurry...if the weather is bad, we wait a day! Our reservations at Poulsbo WA (near Seattle) aren't until Sunday so we have 4 days to drive about 600 miles...we might even get there a day early!

The ride here was very pleasant...hilly and curvy, but nice. US-101 follows the entire westcoast for the most part...I didn't realize that the westcoast was so mountainous! That's part of the fun of this trip...discovering the world outside of our usual boundaries! We thank God every day that we have this's definitely not lost on us!
While we've been here, since it's been raining, we hit the casino...both for dinner and the slots! They have penny's great because we can play forever and not really lose that much. Last night I actually came away with $1.25! After I gave the shuttle guy $1 tip, I came away with 25 cents...yeah!

Today I'm looking for a laptop GPS program since the program I've had for the past 5 years has become corrupt and cuts out on me every 5 minutes. I think I found one that I can test for 2 months...that should get us home! It's much cheaper than the one I have so if I like it, I'll buy it in 2 months.

Tomorrow...Cannon Beach...our last chance to see the Pacific ocean...might stay 2 nights!

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