Saturday, April 10, 2010

Muir Woods and Stinson Beach

Today we decided to visit the Muir Woods National Monument and hike the Dipsea Trail to Stinson Beach. We began our adventure with our hike on the Dipsea Trail, which was a 5 mile trail up and down mountains, through the forest, and ending at the Pacific at Stinson Beach. It was an absolutely gorgeous trail and exhausting! I think my age is was a strenuous trek! But Corinne, Patrick, and Ed breezed right through it! At the end, we were rewarded with an unbelievable view of the ocean and a delicious lunch at a local cafe. While we were still on the trail, right before we reached the beach, Ed and I passed a couple who stopped and talked to us for a few minutes. They told us that at the beach parking lot we could catch a bus back to Muir Woods, where we had parked the car. Well, I was game for that, and everyone else seemed to agree that would be a good idea. After lunch, we walked over to the parking lot and found the time table for the bus. Well, it turns out that the shuttle bus only runs during the season, and unfortunately today was not in season! So poor Corinne and Patrick, after a full meal, trekked back 5 miles on the same beautiful trail, while Ed (who very gallently stayed with me!) and I waited on the beach for them to come and pick us up! And of course we needed to sustenance while we waited, so I got a milkshake and he got a rootbeer float! What a great way to spend an afternoon!

Once Corinne and Patrick picked us up, we headed back up to the Muir Woods National Monument and walked along the well-maintained boardwalk and asphalt paths through the forest. We stared in awe at the amazing redwoods...most were at least 200 years old, many were over 1000 years old! We only walked the 2 mile loop, as the sun was beginning to go down and the park was going to close in an hour.
Tomorrow, we head to Big Sur for the weekend! More then!

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