Friday, April 2, 2010

Novato, CA...near San Fran...

Last Wednesday was our departure date from Yosemite, arriving in Novato which is about 20 miles north of San Francisco. Well, the first thing we saw when we woke up was SNOW!! That's the last thing I wanted to see...I'm not a big fan of driving up and down hills, but now we had the added factor of snow and sleet! Thankfully, by 10:00 or so, the sun started to break through the clouds and the snow and rain stopped briefly. We grabbed that window of opportunity and headed out of Mariposa. We had 196 mile trip and it was very uneventful. We arrived in Novato at 3:00 and the skies opened up at about 3:30...someone upstairs is definitely watching over us! We were all set up before the rain started and it didn't stop until sometime during the night! Yesterday it was sunny and beautiful and we drove around Novato, food shopping, etc in preparation for Corinne and Patrick's arrival today. It's raining today but tomorrow is supposed to be fairly nice so we're planning on going to the Golden Gate Park and we have reservations for the night tour of Alcatraz (spooky!).

More to follow!

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