Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cannon Beach, OR

Catch up time...I've been lax in writing this blog for the past few days, so here goes!

Thursday night we stayed at the Cannon Beach RV Park in Cannon Beach, OR. It was about a 200 mile trek north of the Mills Casino in North Bend, OR. Our decision to take US-101 up the coast from CA to Poulsbo, WA has proven to be interesting, to say the least. This route has taken us up and down mountains, through forests, and along the coastline. Cannon Beach, I have to say, is probably my favorite beach to date on the Pacific coast…mainly because it’s mostly sand and flat so you can walk a great distance on the beach towards the water before you touch the ocean. After we set up at the RV park, we took Emma down to the beach because she adores it. It was overcast, chilly and windy so there weren’t many other people on the beach, so we let her run without the leash. She had the best time running into the water and back up the beach.

After we took Emma back to the RV we went back into the town of Cannon Beach and had dinner at a place called Doogers…we both had fried seafood with Cajun seasonings…ummm! And we even had dessert...deep dish apple crisp with vanilla ice cream..delicious!

We had only made a reservation for one night but we decided that it would be nice to stay two nights, so we could go back to the beach and walk around the quaint town. Well, that didn’t work out…when we requested another night’s stay, we were told that someone else had our site the following night! That’s the first time that’s ever happened to us! So we packed up this morning and headed up US-101 to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, where we’re staying at a small rather interesting RV park in Forks, WA, called the Hoh River RV Park. This stop will be covered in the next blog…

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