Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sante Fe New Mexico

Sante Fe is about 65 miles north of Albuquerque and is definitely a 'do not miss'. Most of the museums, churches, etc. center around the plaza, which is the host of many Indian and Spanish markets, as well as annual events, concerts, etc. There are at least 100 shops lining the adjoining streets...mostly jewelry and Indian crafts and products. Everything is beautiful and the architecture is amazing! We saw the Loretto Chapel, home of the Miraculous Stairway: http://www.lorettochapel.com/. I think this is where Kristin's sister was married...am I right Kristin?

This is the stairway...beautiful!

Many of the shops were set off from the street.

We saw several folk art skeletons in the shops...Ed finally asked what they symbolized. Turns out they're a symbol of the annual Day of the Dead celebration, which is on November 1st and 2nd. Here's a link to a little bit of
history about them: http://www.folkart.com/skeletons/

We saw many, many chile pepper ristras in the shops, which are hung for good luck and to welcome guests into your home.
Tomorrow is a 2nd trip to Old Town Albuquerque. We forgot to bring our camara last time and it's worth a second trip. We plan on finding a little cafe called the Church Street Cafe, which comes highly recommended by my mom's friend, Mrs. Fuhrmeister! We'll let you know if we find it, Mrs. F!
Good night and sweet dreams!


Kristin said...

Yes, Kerri Ann was married there, the pictures were beautiful of her wedding. Hows the darn weather??? Well LET ME CLUE YOU IN on the weather here......I HAD TO SCRAPE MY FLIPPIN WINDOW THIS MORNING!!!!!! It is COLD, and by the way, its COLD! I have not however broken down and turned the heat on, I can't justify doing that this early in October! Glad that you are having a good time! Miss you both! Love you, me!

Kristin said...

Hey we have peppers in the back yard, want me to make you one of those pepper thingies??? LOL <3