Monday, October 5, 2009

Onward to Wichita KS!

Well, after spending a fantastic weekend with Ed's daughter and her family, we continued our journey down I 35 South to Wichita KS...a mere 150 miles or so from Topeka. Drove through the Flint Hills, which were featured in the April 2007 National Geographic.
As far as the eye can see!

Our goal in Wichita was to visit the Karg Glass Gallery in Kechi KS...we had purchased a blown glass fish at a Naples art festival from Karg and, since we were heading in that direction anyway, wanted to see the gallery. It was well worth the stop! They have art from many different local and national artists, as well as artists in Canada. Here's the link:

We're staying at USI RV Park in North Wichita...a well kept nice park. Not alot of scenery, mostly gravel, but great satelite, wide open space...definitely a good place to stop for a night. The managers are very friendly and went out of their way to hunt down a brochure for the Karg Gallery.

After our visit to the gallery, we headed to downtown Wichita to an area called Old Town...but most of the shops were closed on we had to settle on a micro-brewery for a drink...darn!

One 'minor' incident after we got back from the touring....we were fixing the rain guard over the window on the car and Ed asked me to go into the RV and get a Q-tip...well, I ran around the back corner of the RV and smack into the bedroom tipout! I landed on my butt on the ground, $350 new glasses bent and on the ground about 5 feet away, blood gushing out of my forhead! I've never seen so much blood! Ed showed his true colors...he was right there taking care of me and is still, 3 hours later, hovering...I think he was as scared as I was! Well, my forehead has about a 1-inch gash and is bandaged and I'll be good as new in no time. We went to Walmarts and the vision center there straightened my all's well that ends well! I'm now waiting for the headache that has thankfully stayed away with the help of some Advils!

Tomorrow we're only traveling about 180 miles, staying at a Flying J in Yukon, OK. It's been very nice taking our time and stopping early every day...

That's it for now...time to relax!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god..are you alright???? You didn't need stitches did you? Geeze, you need a bubble!!!!! Hope you are feeling better! Love you both! Kristin~

Anonymous said...

Hey Rena -
I just logged on and read all your blogs. You could be a writer, you're fabulous. OMG - I can't believe you knocked yourself down. It sounds like you could have used stitches, no? I'm glad Ed stepped up to the plate and is taking care of you. I guess you should keep him (LOL). Oh and I read the comment about missing your co-workers already. What, am I a little jealous?????
I'll be looking forward to more adventures.

Have fun and BE CAREFUL

Love you


Anonymous said...

I'm fine...but I probably could've used a couple of stiches...oh well! I'll just have a big scar that my bangs will cover up!

Anonymous said...

Great, I asked Dad if you needed stitches!!!! You two need keepers....I swear.....K~

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I had a visual of what happened and had to chuckle!!
Ed wouldn't know which way to go without his co-pilot.
Stay safe. MTT

nancyjsw said...

It's a good thing I just read this.....any ealier and I would have called you! And I'm going to join the others and ask "ARE YOU SURE YOU DON'T NEED STITCHES???
Remember insisting I go to L and M one rainy Thanksgiving for stitches????? But thank Ed for taking good care of you and if you get a really bad headache you SHOULD go see about it!! And watch out for those tip-outs!! Love you and be careful........Mom

vera said...


Anonymous said...

You and Annabelle will have matching scars now!!!!
Glad you're ok:-)