Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Stop, Topeka KS

After a white knuckle trip through Missouri and Kansas on Friday...battling strong winds....we made it to our first stop...Topeka, KS. Ed's grandkids have grown so much in the past couple of years...and they're all gorgeous! Their neighborhood is beautiful and Emma LOVES their back yard! It's huge and she can run free all the way to the lake! Tonight we went to a fundraiser at the local zoo and enjoyed several different appetizers from local restaurants who had set up booths, as well as beer and wine. Tomorrow I think us girls will go shopping (I'm looking for some clog Uggs!) while the guys watch the Giants play on TV in their 'media' room!

Emma, the town.... Emma, our baby!

John and Joelle's back yard...gorgeous!
More tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

So glad that you are having fun already!!!! The weather has definately changed, I even wore a jacket to work! Kristin~