Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Balloon Fiesta!

This morning we were up at 4:00 and out the door by 4:30! Tried a new route to the Fiesta and it was much better than I 25! First thing that happens in the morning at the balloon fiesta is they send up a Dawn that consisted of 12 test the weather conditions. It's still dark so they look beautiful up in the air when they turn on the propane! After they decide if it's ok to go up, all of the balloons set up for take off. I think the announcer said that there were over 1000 balloons this morning! They go up in 2 shifts but you really can't tell...each row (a - z) takes off according to a whistle blow and it just keeps going until they're all up in the air! It's unbelievably gorgeous!! I think the whole process lasts at least an hour...and then they can stay up for about an hour. I'm not sure where they land but I don't think they all land back at the field.

Pics of the Dawn Patrol:

Here are a few pics of the Mass Ascension...beautiful!

We went back tonight to see the gloshow, but while we were there the wind picked up and they had to cancel the show...:-(

So tomorrow morning is the Farewell Mass Ascension and then everyone goes home...except us! We'll be in Albuquerque until next Saturday...there's alot to do around here...and then there's just relaxing...either option sounds good to me!

So until tomorrow...good night and special hugs to AJ (I told her to tell her mommy to look at this for the pretty balloons!)

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