Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trip to High Point NC

Just got back from 5 wonderful days in NC with Janet, Bob, Annabelle and Katiebug! The trip there was a little more traumatic than I would've liked. I took a shuttle from Las Cruces, NM to El Paso, TX to catch a flight on Wed Nov 18...about 1/2 way there, I realized I forgot my driver's liscense...leads a call to Ed and the shuttle service to arrange for Ed to drop off my liscense at the shuttle and for the shuttle to bring it to me on their next trip (they run hourly). Well, it didn't quite make it by my 8:30am flight so I had to reschedule...I flew out at 6:30pm! So there I sat for 12 hours! Good thing I had a good book...and I did alot of walking around the airport. Then I was the lucky one to participate in the random frisking of boarding passengers. Then, a woman passed out while walking down the middle aisle of the plane, on her way to the bathroom! Knocked out cold for about 2 minutes...I think she's ok tho...she came to and after some oxygen and an icepack on the bruiser she's going to get above her eye, she was led back to her seat. The paramedics met her when we landed. Thankfully, the flight back to El Paso was very uneventful!

I digress...back to my visit...

After they met me at the airport (both kiddies knocked me over!), we enjoyed a very busy week, including watching Annabelle in her dance class, followed by dinner and ice cream for us girls, a birthday party for one of Annabelle's friends, a trip to the park, a few trips to look at and compare the townhouse and house that Jan and Bob are looking to buy (as of this writing, they're going with the house). Phew! Oh, yeah....I babysat one night while Jan and Bob enjoyed a night out...the girls were great, by the way! Sunday we drove through a 4 mile park filled with Christmas lights and scenes...fabulous! (Drew, remember the one you took me through when I was there? Just like that one!) The girls were mesmerized! Somewhere in all that, Jan and Bob 'adopted' another stray kittie...that makes 3 cats now...achooo!! A quick trip to Wally World with Jan to buy Christmas gifts for AJ and KB....yeah! One of the things that melted my heart was rocking Katiebug before her nap and at night...she curls right up in my arms and she seemed to love it as much as I did! I could've rocked all night! Another high point was sleeping on the air mattress with Annabelle...she'd reach over with a big smile and hug me while we watched Barbie movies...ahhhhh! The hardest part was saying goodbye at the airport....it's hard to say goodbye to 2 little girls with tears running down their faces! Did I forget anything, Jan??

Now I'm back in Las Cruces with my Eddie and we enjoyed a very nice, QUIET day...I didn't even get dressed till noon! Did a little food shopping to pick up ingredients for a sweet potato casserole I'm making for Thanksgiving dinner at the clubhouse on Thursday. Tomorrow....more of the same!
Thanks for a fabulous visit!
Love to all


Anonymous said...

Thanks Wawa! Katie has wanted to be rocked before nigh night now!!! LOL
We all had fun...they miss you, but we are getting back into a "routine". Love ya!

Rena and Ed said...

But isn't it the best feeling to have her cuddle in the rocker?? I miss you all already!!