Monday, November 16, 2009

It's been a very uneventful week for us...not a bad thing though. Sometimes it's nice to sit back and relax! Yesterday was church, laundry, and cleaning that order. Father Richard is in Italy for 2 weeks, visiting the Pope so there was a visiting priest, who was very entertaining! His sermon was all about death and how we never know when our time will come, and we'd better be ready! Hmmm...hope that doesn't have anything to do with my trip to NC...better find that St. Christopher medal!

After church, we did 4 loads of laundry and cleaned the RV from top to bottom. Because the air is so dry out here, when the heat goes on, the fans blow the dust around and it settles EVERYWHERE! It felt so good to have everything spanking clean!

Today we took a short trip into El Paso and then drove the route around El Paso that we were going to take with the RV to Carlsbad Caverns (it's called the Trans-Mountain Road or the 375 loop)...the key word being 'were'. This route goes right through the mountains and, although it's really a beautiful road, the incline is about 8% on both sides. I know we'll probably see that kind of an incline when we head to California, but we decided not to tax the RV brakes if we didn't have we're going straight through El Paso and cut across from there. We'll be heading to the Caverns a week or 2 after I get back from NC (see ya on Wednesday!)

After a quick stop at Camping World to look at grills (ours is barely going to make it through this trip, but we decided to wait a while longer to buy a new one), we went grocery shopping and then headed home. See?? Pretty uneventful, yes?? It's going to drop to 27 degrees tonite...brrrr! But the days are beautiful, if not a teensy bit chilly! We don't care...we haven't seen a single snow flake!

Gotta go...Emma's whining for me to take her out...

Hugs and kisses to AJ, KB, LG, and LC!

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