Wednesday, November 11, 2009

El Paso TX

Yesterday we took a day trip down to El Paso TX...left the RV and Emma in Las Cruces so we were on a 6 hour schedule! First stop was the Golden Horseshoe shopping district in downtown El Paso...not too impressed but worth the trip! It consists of about 4 streets downtown...the outer 2 streets are shaped like a horseshoe, thus the name 'Golden Horseshoe'. We felt like we were in NYC, but with a strong Mexican influence...alot of electronics stores and cheap clothes stores and all of the stores brought their wares out onto the sidewalks...very much a fleamarket atmosphere! I bought a pair of white tieless sneekers for $6! I'm always look for shoe deals! We stopped at the visitor's center and the very nice lady recommended a restaurant called Ruli's, so of course we had to have lunch there! Both of us had Cuban sandwiches and a special potato soup that was excellent! Good choice for lunch!

We walked down to the lower end of the horseshoe and saw one of the bridges that leads into Juarez Mexico...the traffic was backed up beyond our vision. We have NO desire to cross the border but it was fun to see it.

From there we took another exit off the highway and went to the El Paso Saddleblanket warehouse store. It reminded me of a Mexican version of the JR stores on the way down to Naples. the Saddleblanket has a ton of turquoise jewelry, saddles, cowboy hats and boots and southwestern furniture. Ed bought a really nice black cowboy hat for only $ that was a good deal!

Our final stop was a couple exits further to a restaurant called Hiney's! Similar to Hooters, but very local atmosphere. After all, it WAS Ed's birthday and he wanted to see there we went! We had an appetizer plate and a drink and headed home to our Emma.

Happy Birthday to my Eddie!

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