Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Visiting Drew and the girls in Wabash, IN

Our final destination on our 8 month journey was a stop in Wabash IN to visit my brother Drew and his two daughters, Melissa and Alicia. We also wanted to see the newest little addition to the family... our 15 month old grand-niece, Lylly!

We arrived at the Honey Bear Hollow Campground in Peru, IN late Thursday afternoon, which is about 20 miles west of Wabash. It was the closest campground in the area and it was very pleasant. Their claim to fame is a disc golfcourse, which was very busy the whole time we were there.
I first met little miss Lylly on Friday, and fell immediately and totally in love with her! Not only is she a real cutie, but she's smart to boot! Always on the go and very inquisitive! When Mel and Alicia got home from school, we all went out for a great Mexican meal... thanks, Mom! Our nieces, Melissa and Alicia, are both gorgeous and fun and very smart. Both are on their respective cheerleading squads too... very talented young ladies! It was so nice to see them after a 3 year absence.

On Saturday, Ed came with me to visit and he fell in love with Lylly too! We spent the afternoon at Drew's and then everyone went back to the RV for steaks on the grill... yum! We topped off the meal with an ice cream at DQ.

We met at Drew's house on Sunday, where Ed walked down the street to the Catholic Church and I joined Drew, Alicia, and Lylly for the service at the Friends Church, the church they've been attending for years. Afterwards we played with Lylly at Drew's house and then I drove Ed back to the RV because Emma was home alone and went back to Drew's for another great meal... Chinese this time!

Monday was our last day in Wabash, so Ed stayed behind at the RV with Emma and did laundry and cleaned... what a sweetie! I spent our last day playing with Lylly while Drew did some grocery shopping and we had lunch with Sally, a good friend of Drew's. I met Sally years ago and she's a real sweetie. Two months ago she had a double lung transplant and has had a few scary moments since, but she looks and feels great now and is well on the way to a full recovery!

We packed up and headed out this morning and went alot further than expected. After driving 450 miles, we're staying overnite at a Super Walmart in Clearfield, PA. We only have 395 miles to home, so we'll be there tomorrow... a day early.

I can't believe we've been on the road for 8 months... it's been an incredible journey and one we will never forget! We've seen so many places... and several we'd like to return to in the coming years. It'll be hard to transition to the every day life again, but... we only have 5 months before we head down to Florida again! Yeah!! In truth, I'm a little homesick and I'll be glad to see my mom again and Kristin and Anna and Mike... you get the picture... :-)

Signing off until our next adventure!
Ed, Rena, and Emma


Anonymous said...

You brought tears to my eyes:-)


Rena and Ed said...

Hook up your pop-up and head on up there! They'd love to see you and the girls would love Lylly!