Friday, May 7, 2010

Glacier National Park

We made it to Columbia Falls, MT yesterday, which is about 15 miles west of Glacier Nat'l Park. We're staying at a very nice little RV park called the Columbia Falls RV Park... the owners just bought the park last June and have done a fabulous job renovating it!

Once we settled in, it was only about 2:00 so we decided to head to Glacier and take the Going To The Sun road as far as we could. This road goes from the west entrance to the east entrance and goes over Logan's Pass, which is as high as you can go by car. Unfortunately for us, we're here too early and most of it is closed due to snow. But we were able to drive in about 16 miles and managed to see some incredible scenery! The road follows Lake McDonald, which is absolutely gorgeous. When we couldn't go any farther, we got out and walked down to the river in the snow! So we started our trek surrounded by a crystal blue lake, with green pines everywhere, and lush green... and ended up in a foot of snow!

Today we decided to head back to Glacier and take US-2 around the southern perimeter of the park to the east entrance... but to tell you the truth, after about 30 miles (it's a 100 mile trip one way!) we decided that US-2 is more of a road to get where you want to go... not to enjoy the scenery. So we turned around and headed back to the west entrance where we took a side road and followed it as it looped back to Columbia Falls. The entire road was about 25 miles long and most of it was gravel, but it was very interesting because it went right through the heart of an area of forest that was destroyed by fire in 2003. We managed to see a deer, but there was no other wildlife to see.

Tomorrow we leave for Yellowstone... first stop is a Flying J in Butte, MT and then we'll get to Gardiner, MT on Sunday, which is about 1 mile from Yellowstone.

Havin' a ball!

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