Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Missoula, MT

Just a quick blog update...we're stuck in Missoula, MT! We really want to see Glacier Nat'l Park, but the weather has not been cooperating...:-(. We got here on Sunday and it has been COLD and raining all week! Our plan is to head up to Columbia Falls which has a great RV park about 15 miles from the western entrance to Glacier, and then take the car into the park. According to the Glacier Park website, the main road is open for about 15 miles into the park. So I check the weather every 5 minutes to keep track of any changes. While it's raining here in Missoula, it's snowing in Columbia Falls! We've extended our stay another day (we were supposed to head up today)...and we might have to extend it one more day...Friday is supposed to start a 'heatwave' in the area so it might be the best time to go. We're just playing it by ear!

In the meantime, we've been enjoying Missoula. Since the weather hasn't been cooperating, we've stayed close to home and decided to hit a couple of breweries in the area. Ed loves to try new microbrewery beers so he's really enjoying the visits! Yesterday, we met a friend of ours, Alice, for lunch at the Montana Club and had a great time catching up with her since we left Quartzsite AZ. Today we're heading down to her cattle farm in Corvallis, MT, about 40 miles south of Missoula. She wants to show us around and take us out to dinner at a local steakhouse.

Gotta go...laundry time!

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