Friday, February 26, 2010

Hike in the Bear Mtns in Brenda AZ

Well, it's been awhile...we've just been hangin' in Quartzsite for the past several days. Today we decided to venture out to Brenda, AZ..about 15 miles east of Quartzsite. One of the RVers at our RV park had told us about a place just west of Brenda that was in the mountains. At the top of the mountain if you look down to the right, you'll see a crater containing a tinbox and a cowboy hat. The tinbox supposedly contains the cremated remains of someone who requested that his remains be brought to this location. Well, I think he was pulling our leg(s), because we hiked up the trail to the top of the mountain, which wasn't quite at the top of the mountain, and we looked all around and found nothing. I'm not even sure we were in the right area! We even stopped in Brenda and asked some of the locals, but they'd never heard the story...hmmmmm! But the search was well worth the hike...the desert scenery was spectacular! We even got a couple of pictures with FH...he had a ball! After our hike, we drove through a couple of the RV parks in Brenda and decided that if we ever come back (maybe in a couple of years), we'll stay here and spend our time hiking through the desert and mountains. We might even buy a Jeep Rubicon to take on the trails! One of the people in our RV park told me how to look for fact last night I found 3 great crystals in our park! We could spend our winter looking for valuable gems and gold!

We liked this looks like two Saguaro cactii hugging each other while the one on the right wants to duke it out!

These last pictures were just some examples of the sunsets here in Quartzsite.

Tomorrow is the annual Chile Cookoff...FH is gonna love tasting all those chile recipes!

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Kevyn Hagemann said...

Wow. I've been planning to go to AZ one day for hiking with some friends after our trip to Edmonton. Have you bought a jeep already? There are dealers selling 'em at good prices. I don't know, but the first time I drove a jeep? It was exciting. They're ideal for these kinds of adventures.