Sunday, February 28, 2010

Annual Chile Cookoff and Salsa Festival, Quartzsite, AZ

Yesterday was the annual chile cookoff at Tyson Wells in Quartzsite and of course we had to go! You buy a cup for $4.00 and then you get to go around to all the booths and sample their chile...yummy! Some of the booths had salsa too. I think there were about 10 booths and the first one we went to got our vote...I think it was booth #8. Flat Hayden came along for the ride and he made friends with two characters from one of the booths...I think he had a good time! We wanted to stay and watch Paul Winer entertain us on the piano (he's the bookstore owner...) but he wasn't there...and the weather wasn't cooperating, so we headed home after we sampled all the chile and put in our vote. We don't know who won, but we sure had fun! Now we'll have to make a point of bringing FH over to the bookstore for a picture with Paul before we leave for Yuma.
Today was laundry, cleaning and tax day....3 returns down, 1 to go...yeah!!


dAwN said...

oh chile cookoff fun!
Flat Hayden and the bookstore owner..Yikes..u mean the naked sock puppet guy?

Rena and Ed said...

Yep, that's what I mean! But we'll only take a pic from the shoulders up. He has such a great story with his efforts to maintain his deceased daughter's garden in the town park, and his past, and his bookstore...I think it'll be good for the 4th graders to see that this is what makes the world go round! (We have to write a little blurb for each photo).
Loved your stranded pics!