Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in Las Cruces!

Last night it you believe it?? All of the locals tell us it hasn't snowed in years...the park manager at the Leasburg Dam said it's been decades (maybe a little exaggeration, perhaps??)! It was also VERY cold! The outside faucet froze and the heat pump didn't work. Luckily, the propane furnace performed beautifully so we were very comfortable! But...we had to bring the RV over to the propane store and fill 'er up with propane...apparently it takes a lot of propane to keep a propane furnace running! And New Mexico passed a new law last year that propane companies cannot bring propane to the RVs and RV Sales Centers can't sell propane. So the only option is to bring the RV to the propane company. So it was a busy day because, of course, we have to lockdown everything loose in the RV and then when we got back to our site, we couldn't put everything back until every countertop, table and shelf was cleaned and the floor vacuumed! But now it's nice and clean and we're toasty warm! And tonight we learned our lesson and disconnected the hose and shut off the outside faucet...we'll use our fresh water tank if need be.

Tonight we went to an art show in Old Mesilla that was hosted by the Cultural Center. We had met the director, author Denise Chavez, about a month ago because we wandered into the Cultural Center after dropping off some packages at the Post Office. She's quite a character and has written several books: 'The Last of the Menu Girls', 'Face of an Angel', and 'Loving Pedro Infante' to name a few. Anyway, she told us about this art show so we decided to see what it was all about. So after a fantastic dinner at Peppers Restaurant (unbelievable cheese wontons for an appetizer!), we walked to the art show. It was in a very small building so we didn't stay long, but headed from there to the Culteral Center, which was providing an amazing array of food! The cake was one of the desserts!

Now we're home relaxing and contemplating what we'll do tomorrow...not much I imagine...we try not to battle the crowds on the weekends...after all, we have the whole week!

Happy Christmas shopping and stay warm!

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