Saturday, December 19, 2009

San Pedro RV Park and Tombstone AZ

This is our RV at the San Pedro Resort Community in Benson AZ...a very nice park close to everything we want to visit!

Yesterday we took a drive down to Tombstone AZ...what a treat that was! The first place we stopped was at the Boothill Graveyard, where all kinds of famous and not so famous people are buried. The lady behind the counter was very informative and told us that her inlaws are descendents of one of the cowboys that was hanged in Tombstone for going on a killing spree in Bisbee (about 30 miles south) back in 1884. No one in her husband's family is allowed to name their male children Daniel (that was the cowboy's name). Then we took a self-guided tour through the graveyard and read from a brochure about each person that was buried there...very interesting!

From there, we drove down to the main 'drag' in Tombstone and it was like going back in time! All of the buildings look just as they did back in 1881, which is when it was a booming metropolis! Tombstone was actually a very wealthy town for several years from silver mining. Many of the buildings are the original structures..just the businesses have changed. We stood on the ground where the gunfight at the OK Corral occurred. The Earp brothers and Doc Holliday shot it out with the McLaury brothers and the Clanton brothers...only the 'bad guys' died (that would be the McLaurys and the Clantons). We took a self-guided tour through the oldest still running newspaper in Arizona..the Tombstone Epitaph. They displayed several articles written the day after the gunfight and printed several of the testimonies by eye witnesses...and I can't decide who where the bad guys and who were the good guys! The newspaper tour was really fascinating!

From there, we took a tour of the Courthouse, which had various displays of how it was back in 1881 and that timeframe. We saw the gallows where the 5 cowboys were hung because they shot up the town of Bisbee and read stories about the folks in the town back then. I personally love all the old photographs of makes everything more real! I wonder how these people would adjust to our society...!

Tonight we're going over to the VFW with our friends Cathy and Richard from's karaoke night and Richard sings! Should be interesting! Have to bring an appetizer...I'm making a sausage dip...mmmmm!

We're sticking around the RV for the weekend..we like to play tourist during the week when there aren't as many other tourists playing tourist!

Be safe this week of Christmas traveling! Hope everyone makes it to their destinations!!

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