Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rattlesnake Ranch in Gleeson AZ

Yesterday we visited Rattlesnake Ranch in Gleeson AZ. It's about 15 miles east of Tombstone...and all 15 miles is gravel/dirt road! I don't think I have any shocks left on my car...even going 5 miles per hour. The ranch was well worth the ride, though...it was amazing! It was started back in 1979 when John and Sandy Weber quit their day jobs in Illinois and started a new career in rattlesnake hunting. They have thousands of crafts made from rattlesnakes, ie. keychains with rattlesnake heads and rattles, wallets and purses made from rattlesnake skin...the list goes on and on. Their website is:

In addition to all of their crafts, they have created an outdoor museum of all of the artifacts they have collected in and around the ghost town of Gleeson. The museum is spectacular with thousands of fascinating artifacts like skulls, toys, hardware, tools, military helmets, rifles...and again, the list goes on and on! Often, there is no one there to purchase items, so there is a sign to leave the money or check in a basket.

The trip back to Benson was a bit easier...we took a different route and we were on the dirt road for only about 5 miles or so. On the way home, we stopped at a little grocery store out in the middle of nowhere that had an awesome display of spices! I bought a packet of ground mustard, which I use in my poppyseed dressing, and Ed bought some jalapeno pistachios that have definitely cleaned out his sinuses!

Thanks to Cathy and Richard for showing us this out of the way treasure!

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