Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mariposa CA and Yosemite Nat'l Park

We left Morro Bay on Saturday and since I didn’t know how long it would take to go 230+ miles through the mountains and curves, we had planned on stopping at a Walmart in Los Banos, CA overnite and drive the last 88 miles to Mariposa on Sunday morning. Well, since it was only 1:00 when we arrived in Los Banos, we decided to keep going on to Mariposa so we could get another day in at Yosemite. The entire drive from Morro Bay to Mariposa was beautiful. We were on state roads most of the time, driving through hills and farmland and the scenery was beautiful! A big contrast to the deserts of NM and AZ, where we had spent the last few months! The last 15 miles or so were a little hairy…I’m not a big fan of driving up and down mountains and U-curves! But Ed’s a pro and we got there in one piece! Now we just have to get back out…well, that’s a worry for another day!

We’re staying at the Mariposa KOA and it is definitely one of the nicest KOAs we’ve stayed at. It’s 28 miles from Yosemite and you feel like you’re there already. I wouldn’t be surprised to open a window shade a see a bear staring back at me!

We decided to drive back down to Mariposa last night to go to the 6:00 mass for Palm Sunday. The church was small but beautiful and the service was nice. We asked one of the members for a restaurant recommendation and he directed us to Sal’s Mexican Restaurant…a great choice!

Today, we’ll catch the UConn Women’s Basketball team play Iowa State in the NCAA Championship…they play at 9:00am here! Then we’ll head back down to Mariposa and window shop. Tomorrow and Tuesday we’ll spend in Yosemite and then on to San Fran!

More later!

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