Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hobson County Park, Ventura, CA

Yesterday began the start of the last phase of our trip...we headed out toward the coast of CA. Our destination was Hobson County Park, which is one of three coastal parks in Ventura, CA. This is the only one that accepts reservations so, being the detail afflicted person that I am, I made reservations last August. 4 glorious days right smack on the shore of the Pacific Ocean! Ventura is about 226 miles west of Twentynine Palms and it was probably the worst stretch of road to date. As much planning as I did, we had no choice but to touch the outskirts of LA...and the traffic...ughh! I hate city driving in the RV and I'm sure I don't help Ed who has to do the actual driving! As if the traffic isn't enough to deal with, the roads (interstates included) were cement with expansion joints every 10 feet...resulting in a very bumpy and nerve-racking trip.

But, as we've discovered over the past 6 months, the end result was well worth the trip....Hobson Park has unbelievable views of the Pacific ocean! It reminds us of our stay at Flagler Beach in Florida...ocean as far as the eye can see! (The picture on the right is the view from our RV)

We've decided that one local excursion while we're here will be to downtown Ventura. We went there for church last night and fell in love with the scenic main street, full of shops and restaurants.

We're here until Thursday, when we head north up the coast on US-101 to Morro Bay to see the Hearst Castle. Until then, it's relaxing on the beach and playing with Emma in the water...ahhhh!

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