Monday, January 25, 2010

Quartzsite continued...

I'm behind in my blog duties...gotta catch everyone up! Let's see...

Last Wednesday we didn't make it to the SKP Boomers in the BLM where Dawn and Jeff were staying. They had graciously invited us to their RV for appetizers and drinks, but it was the beginning of a tremendous rain that was passing through so we declined. Thanks for the invite, Dawn...we'll get together in Connecticut this summer!

(Emma playing with Daisy, the next door neighbor)

So it started raining Wednesday night and the rains continued on Thursday until late night. Along with the heavy rains came 50mph winds with gusts reportedly up to 90mph! The washes were actually full of running water! There was a gem, mineral and jewelry show going on at the QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Association) right across for our RV park which began on Wednesday and lasted through Sunday, January 24. Well, Thursday it was shut down because of the heavy rain and winds and when we went over there on Friday, some of the booths had blown over. We did manage to buy a few strands of stones and a beautiful picture of a polished stone that was put on's hanging in the RV.

Our friends from Florida, Judy and Sam, were drycamping on BLM land with the Beaver RV group and when their rally was finished, they moved into town for the FMCA rally. If you remember, Judy and Sam also stopped in at the Hacienda in Las Cruces and we had a wonderful time with them. While they were in Quartzsite, we went out to dinner at Silly Al's pizza....great pizza! Another night we went to Taco Mio right across the street from our RV park and had excellent Mexican food. On Saturday night, their last night in Quartzsite, we had them over for dinner...Ed bought a new grill and we had a great dinner of chicken tenders on the grill along with baked potatos and salad...mmmm! He loves that grill! Oh yes....for appetizers we brought out some fantastic salsa made in Tucson that our friends Kathy and Richard had given us when we were in Benson! Thanks was delicious!!

Sunday was the last day for the RV show and the Tyson Wells flea market. Since we'd already been to the RV show 3 times, we opted for walking around the Tyson Wells flea market. It was definitely interesting! You can find anything from nuts and bolts to Mexican imports and everything in between! Ed bought a really nice wooden belt...very unique! And we spent a good 1/2 hour talking to the belt maker and his wife...part of the fun at these shows is meeting the people! On our way to the fleamarket, we stopped by an area of vintage RVs/buses looking for a couple, Darcy and Wally, whom we had met in Benson. They own an RV called a Genesis, which is a one-of-a-kind bus that was the tour bus for Aerosmith! We found them! Now mind you, we've only talked to this couple a few times when we took Emma for a walk...but they greeted us like we were old dear friends and invited us in to see their bus...they've owned it for 3 years and when they bought it, they gutted it and have been remodeling ever since. After the tour, we sat and chatted with them for a good 1/2 hour and our next side trip was at their suggestion. We've made reservations in Parker AZ from February 4 thru February 8 to see the 'Best of the Desert Parker 425' desert races! While we're there, we'll head up to Lake Havasu for the Winter Fest outdoor fleamarket taking place that weekend. We've wanted an excuse to take a trip up we have it!

Today (Monday) was laundry day and we took a long walk with Emma...there's nowhere for her to run because every inch of ground is gravel, so we try to take her on walks to expend a little of her energy.

More updates as the week unfolds!

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