Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gammons Gulch, Benson AZ

Gammons Gulch is a well-kept secret and worth seeing! It's about 15 miles north of Benson in the middle of nowhere... (rumor has it that Julia Roberts has a summer house in the area...). It is basically an old west stagecoach town that is used for movie settings. It was created when Ray Gammons bought 10 acres 37 (?) years ago and began collecting artifacts and transporting old west buildings from other areas and refurbishing the buildings at Gammons Gulch. He is currently building a new 'saloon' to attract more movies because the building that he has used as a saloon in the past is too small for most movies to consider. The 'town' is in a constant state of additions and improvements. Movie stars that have shot scenes there include Alyssa Milano and Jeff Fahey. Our tour, given by the very funny and personable owner Ray, took about 45 minutes and was a very interesting and thorough tour. After he took us through all of the buildings and gave us a history of the buildings and artifacts, he let us wander around on our own. Ray has lived in the 'hotel' in the town for the past 15 years and his wife is currently working on establising a museum on site.

A very enjoyable day...now it's on to pizza with Frank and Bonnie, and Richard and Kathy...at a local pizza joint in Benson!

Bisbee tomorrow!

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