Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time to head home from Harlingen, TX

Well, today we began our trip home after 5 beautiful months in Harlingen. We had such a great time that we've decided to return in November 2012!

The first pics are of our last party at Tropic was sunny and hot and there was a ton of food and drink! We'll miss all of our new friends, especially Eldon and Betty, and John and Gloria! We'll also miss Dave and Louise, who we met at yoga and spent some very pleasant evenings enjoying dinner with them! Hopefully, we'll see all of them when we return!

Our first stop on our trek home is in Palacios, TX...a small coastal town about 240 miles north of Harlingen. We picked this place because we had to take back roads to get there, so we could see a little more of the countryside and the RV park had rave reviews. It's called Serendipity and it's nestled in between several shrimping companies. It should be fun watching all of the shrimp boats head out to sea tomorrow morning and return tomorrow night! One of our tasks tomorrow will be to buy some oysters and freeze them so we can have them when we get back to CT...yumm!! Tonight we went to a small Mexican restaurant that had fried shrimp and oysters...they came highly recommended by the managers at Serendipity...and they were right...the oysters and shrimp were delicious!

Palacios is a very quiet little town, which is fine with us because tonight is the women's Final Four basketball game and tomorrow night is the men's Championship we're not planning on going out on the town anyway! Go UConn!! In between games tomorrow, we're going to walk the 3-mile boardwalk along the bay and maybe we'll even take Emma!

We leave here on Tuesday and will stop at a Flying J for the night. From there we'll head to New Orleans for 3 days...can't wait!

More later!

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